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sábado, 29 de maio de 2004

  1. Jet
  2. Got To Get You Into My Life
  3. Flaming Pie
  4. All My Loving
  5. Let Me Roll It
  6. You Won't See Me
  7. She's A Woman
  8. Maybe I'm Amazed
  9. The Long And Winding Road   
  10. In Spite Of All The Danger
  11. Blackbird
  12. We Can Work It Out
  13. Here Today
  14. All Things Must Pass
  15. I'll Follow The Sun
  16. For No One
  17. Calico Skies
  18. I've Just Seen A Face
  1. Eleanor Rigby
  2. Drive My Car
  3. Penny Lane
  4. Get Back
  5. Band On The Run
  6. Back in The USSR
  7. Live And Let Die
  8. I've Got A Feeling
  9. Massage Jam
  10. Lady Madonna
  11. Hey Jude
  12. Yesterday
  13. Let It Be
  14. I Saw Her Standing There
  15. Helter Skelter
  16. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  17. The End

Paul McCartney tocou as músicas acima no Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2004. Das 35, 24 são dos Beatles.



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